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The fundamental premise of CoT prevails with Blaze. Your files are only accessible by invited Circle members, preserving your data sovereignty in the public cloud, a USB stick, or your desktop. Encrypting your files with Blaze eliminates the threats posed by malicious hacks on e-mail servers or cloud storage facilities, and the accidental data leaks that can occur when sending an e-mail to the wrong recipient or misconfigured IT permissions.

Blaze is Available in two versions


Desktop Client No-Install


Browser-Based Web App

Cyberthreats Addressed


External Hackers

• Attacks on email servers, content servers, mobile, or cloud <br> • Ransomware attacks with extortion


Lingering Data – Inaccessible

• Internal data leaks from current and former employees and consultants


Threats to Data Sovereignty

• Project conclusion, or discontinuation, leading to data being compromised


Lost/Stolen Device

• Files on misplaced phones remain secure and are inaccessible to members outside of their Circle


Misdirected E-mails

• Data leakage of documents, if sent to wrong recipients, remains secure by the Circle


Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

• Data shared with third parties remains secure