Convenient Security

No extra passwords, no interruption to workflow, no reworking of business processes.


Data can be shared securely on any device. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Offline Access

Data can be shared securely on any device. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Secure Cross-Border Sharing

Secure Cross-Border Sharing

Strong Security

CryptoMill uses AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that all your data remains protected with the highest level of security

Varied levels of access

Level 1: Confidently share data with others in a limited, view-only sandbox. Level 2: Empower your core group to edit and collaborate securely.

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The Circles of Trust™ Model

The key to securing data is protecting it BOTH while in the application and after it leaves. With Circles we create an impenetrable Cryptographic Circle around groups authorized to work with sensitive assets. Division of administrative roles eliminates internal rogue activity. Critical assets include documents, images, surveillance videos, diagrams, blueprints, operational manuals, map data. Circles uniquely protects the sensitive content by cryptographically binding it to a dynamic group of users / devices / processes . Content is encrypted, coupled with access policies for users and user groups. Circles is a robust mechanism to separate distinct information domains with access on a need- to- know basis, protecting all Sensitive Digital Assets.

Holistic Data Protection

Circles of Trust (CoT) is a disruptive, on- premise data-centric security software suite, which protects data across the entire organization and when shared with other organizations. Circles of Trust security suite has a much smaller infrastructural and economic footprint, Circles offers disruptive security to address today's evolving cyber- threats. This unique solution secures data within a a Circle, which we call a “Circle of Trust”. Circles eliminate risks associated with data breaches from a hacker attack on document storage servers / email servers (hosted on- premise or in the cloud), network, and cloud storage. Circles of Trust also prevents data leaks from lost or stolen devices, and by internal rogue activities. Once the data is protected, it always stays encrypted whether it resides in the application, even when in use or being shared outside the networks. Circle membership is dynamic. Users can be added or removed without the need to re-publish or redistribute protected assets. Easy to deploy and administer - Centralized policy management and a comprehensive set of tools for automation, enables agencies to streamline processes and enforce robust protection. The complexity of managing the data and costs associated with administration are greatly reduced. Furthermore, interoperability is easy because Circles technology is independent of applications and data formats and interoperable across different domains and IT jurisdictions, globally.

Protect Cloud Storage

Multiple cloud providers, such as Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, ShareFile, Google Drive, and more, are supported by Circles of Trust™. Encrypt your cloud files in the same manner as a local file, with the same seamless and transparent access. Information floating in the cloud will be encrypted and secure, allowing only Circle members to access their content in the case of theft or data leakage.

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Data Protection Everywhere

Circles of Trust™ allows for secure cross-border sharing. This means any information that is encrypted will remain encrypted regardless of where it is stored or transferred. Data will be protected at rest and in motion; whether you are sending it through an email, FTP-transfer, or moving it onto a removable storage or mobile device, it will be protected.

File Level Encryption

With Circles of Trust™, encryption occurs at the file level. This means you can choose which files to encrypt in a quick and easy way. You can encrypt files individually, or choose to protect a folder. Any data stored within a protected folder will automatically be encrypted. Only members of the Circle will be able to view and edit an encrypted file.


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Seamless And Transparent

No additional steps or passwords are required to view or edit any encrypted data, allowing for no disruptions to your daily workflow. Any file moved into a protected folder will automatically be encrypted, and will not require password entry to view for any members of the Circle it belongs to. Circle information will be synchronized with all of your devices protected by Circles of Trust™, meaning you only have to accept a Circle invitation once to gain access on all protected devices.

Secure Group Sharing

Files protected by Circles of Trust™ can be securely shared through any means, such as: email, cloud storage, or removable storage devices. Only members of a Circle will be able to view or edit a protected document. If any data is lost or stolen, it will remain fully encrypted and protected. Circle members do not need to enter any passwords to view encrypted content – once you are a member of a Circle, you can view encrypted data seamlessly and transparently.

We Support All File Formats

When it comes to encrypting a file, you don't need to worry about what format it's in. We support all file formats. This creates ease of mind and keeps the work flow seamless.


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